Healthier Chips

Healthier Chips with your Actifry

We all love chips, and with your Tefal Actifry you and your family can now enjoy great tasting healthier chips.

Healthier Chips in your Tefal ActifryTo obtain the best results cooking chips in your Actifry, you must ensure that the chips do not stick together. To prepare your potatoes, you should wash the whole potatoes and then cut them into chips using a sharp knife or chip cutter. To help cook the chips at same time and produce even cooking, it helps if the chips are equal in size. Wash the chipped potatoes in plenty of cold water until it runs clear in order to remove as much of the starch as possible. Dry the chips thoroughly using a clean highly absorbent tea towel. The chips should be perfectly dry before putting them in the Actifry otherwise they will not turn crispy. To check that they are dry enough pat them with paper kitchen towel just before cooking. If there is any wetness on the paper towel dry them again. Remember the cooking time of the chips will vary according to the weight of chips and the batch of potatoes used.

What potatoes to use for your chips in the Actifry?

As a general rule, it is suggested to use special potatoes that have been recommended for chipping. In many supermarkets the information on the packaging tells you which varieties are suitable for making chips. The most popular and  recommended varieties such as King Edward and Maris Piper will give good results for chips in your Actifry.

What size should I cut the chips for my Actifry?

The size of a chip influences how crunchy or soft it is. The thinner your chips, the more crunchy they will be and conversely, thicker chips will be softer inside. You can cut your chips to the following thickness and length according to your tastes:


Length: Up to approx 9cm.

In the Actifry the maximum recommended chip thickness is 13mm x 13mm and a length of up to 9cm.

Which oil should I use for cooking chips in my Tefal Actifry?

Healthier chips in the Tefal ActifryYou can vary the type of oil depending on your choice with 1 Actifry spoonful of oil for 1 kg of potatoes. Choose a different oil every time you cook!
With your Actifry, you can use a very wide variety of oils:
• Standard oils : olive oil, grape seed oil, corn oil, groundnut (peanut) oil, sunflower oil, soya oil*
• Flavoured oils : oils infused with aromatic herbs, garlic, chilli, lemon…
• Speciality oils : hazelnut*, sesame*…
(*cook according to the manufacturers instructions)

With its low quantity of oil for each use, the technology of your Actifry helps in providing a healthier, nutritionally balanced diet.

Can I use frozen oven chips in my Tefal Actifry?

Yes, you can use frozen oven chips in your Actifry with no problems, the only thing to remember is DO NOT add any oil to cook the frozen oven chips, as frozen oven chips already have oil added. The Actifry will cook your frozen chips to perfection without adding any oil to the Actifry pan.

To help prepare chips for your Actifry you can use a potato chipper, a great range of potato chippers are available at Amazon:

 Healthier chips the easy way

The Tefal Actifry allows the whole family to enjoy healthier chips in a nice easy and convenient way using only a fraction of the oil you use in traditional deep fat frying methods. With the Tefal Actify you can now enjoy the great taste of deep fried chips reassured that you are cooking them in one of the healthiest ways you can.

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